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Jakub Kotowski

Dr. rer. nat. Jakub Kotowski

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Main Interests

  • Incremental view maintenance
  • Reason maintenance
  • Semantic Web

The nature of a wiki system lies in social collaboration. This means that knowledge stored in it is likely to change often. In an advanced wiki system enhanced by reasoning a reason maintenance system is needed to deal with these changes properly. Researching and developing this reason maintenance system is the main focus of my PhD thesis. Note that reason maintenance overlaps with incremental view maintenance in deductive databases.

Of course, many related issues arise - the user needs to understand what is going on in the system - why a particular fact was or was not derived or what would happen if a rule changed or was deleted. Other practical issue is pinpointing inconsistencies in the knowledge base and support for reasoning with inconsistent (resp. paraconsistent) data. These issues call for an explanation component that would be closely connected to the reason maintenance system.