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Dr. phil. nat. Clemens Schefels

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


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Research Interests

Citizen Science, Human Computation, Crowdsourcing, Databases, Web Technologies, Web Services, Web Analytics, Data Analytics, (Web) User Profiling, (Web) User Behavior, Explicit/Implicit User Feedback, Cognitive Heuristics.

Research Projects

  • ARTigo - Social Image Tagging:
    Art history studies mainly original artworks, but often their reproductions, too. Today, these reproductions exist in substantial electronic repositories certainly amounting to several millions items. What can we do to retrieve these reproductions preferably on the basis of various criteria? As the possibilities of a computerized search of these reproductions are still very limited we allocate keywords, known as metadata. This is a most time-consuming operation and one would need a great number of staff members to do this job. We would appreciate your contribution to this game. However, we don't only want something from you but we offer you as well entertainment and at the same time training as you get to know quite a lot about the paintings shown here. In addition to that, you will be able to work with the descriptions you gave us.
    article in Die Zeit: Zocken für die Forschung (in German)
    article on Spiegel-Online: Spielen für die Wissenschaft: Lass das mal den Schwarm machen (in German)
  • Gugubarra Project and User Profiles (completed):
    The fundamental idea behind this research area is it to give tools to the owner of a Web portal, that allow him to perform the following tasks:
    * to analyze, to store, and to predict the behavior and interest of (registered) visitors of a web site.
    * to group visitor with similar or comparable behavior and/or interest.
    * to offer the visitors personalized E-services based upon the assigned cluster.