Lehr- und Forschungseinheit für Programmier- und Modellierungssprachen, Institut für Informatik



François Bry

Prof. Dr. François Bry



Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Institut für Informatik
Lehr- und Forschungseinheit für Programmier- und Modellierungssprachen
Oettingenstraße 67
D-80538 München

Raum: E104
Telefon: +49-89-2180-9310
Fax: +49-89-2180-9311

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Consultation Hours

By arrangement (please, ask for an appointment e.g. via email), place: Oettingenstraße 67, Room E104

Subjects for bachelor and master theses: See with members of our group, with myself, and at Research projects. 

Letters of reference, visits to foreign universites, etc.:   Please do not ask at the last minute.

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Blog "Erlebt" on the every day life of a university scientist (in German): https://pms.ifi.lmu.de/erlebt/

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Research interests

Current research focus:

  • Symbolic Artificial Intelligence: 
    • Rule and Query Languages
    • Automated Reasoning
    • Logic Programming 
    • Web and Semantic Web Reasoning
    • Explainable AI
  • Social Media and Human Computation
  • Technology Enhanced Learning 

Former Doctoral Students

  • Slim Abdennadher (1998)
  • Sunna Torge (1998)
  • Holger Meuss (with Klaus U. Schulz, 2000)
  • Michael Marte (2003)
  • Sebastian Schaffert (2004)
  • Dan Olteanu (2005)
  • Paula-Lavinia Pătrânjan (2005)
  • Stephanie Spranger (2005)
  • Felix Weigel (with Klaus U. Schulz, 2006)
  • Sacha Berger (2008)
  • Tim Furche (2008)
  • Michael Eckert (2008)
  • Alex Kohn (2009)
  • Benedikt Linse (2010)
  • Klara Weiand (2011)
  • Jakub Kotowski (2011)
  • Fabian Kneißl (2014)
  • Christoph Wieser (2014)
  • Steffen Hausmann (2014)
  • Stephan Leutenmayr (2015)
  • Alexander Pohl (2015)
  • Niels Heller (2020)
  • Sebastian Mader (2020)


Up till 1993, since 1994, at DBLP and at Google Scholar Citation.

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Participations and co-operations

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Courses taught

Introductory courses

  • Functional programming
  • Introduction to algorithms and data structures
  • Introduction to theoretical computer science
  • Introduction to logic for computer science
  • Introduction to discrete mathematics

Advanced courses

  • Web information systems
  • Human computation
  • Programming in Prolog
  • Programming in Scala
  • Logic for computer science
  • Declarative languages
  • Compilers and abstract machines
  • Knowledge representation and management
  • Automated theorem proving

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Curriculum vitæ

Profiles on LinkedIn and Xing

Born 1956, married, three daugthers, French and German citizen.

Since 1994:
Research and teaching on data and knowledge modeling, query languages, search engines, rule-based and logic programming, Web systems and social media, Technology Enhanced Learniung with the Institute for Informatics, University of Munich, as a full professor and head of the Unit "Programming and Modelling Languages".
Work on deductive databases, logic programming, and automated deduction at ECRC (European Computer-Industry Research Centre), Munich, first as a researcher latter as a project leader.
Work on statistic databases at the research center IRT (now INRETS ), Paris, as a researcher.
Military service with the French Air Forces at SIRPA Air as a PR officer.
Work on a text processing system at Transac-Alcatel (now Alcatel), Paris, as a software engineer.
PhD student in Mathematics (Graph Theory) at University Paris 6 (supervisors: Claude Berge and Michel Las Vergnas) and lecturer at ESIEA, a school of engineering, Paris.
First, student in applied mathematics and economics, University Paris 9, then, student in mathematics, University Paris 6.
1974 and before:
French Baccalauréat while at École Alsacienne in Paris 6. Formerly, at Lycée Romain Rolland in Ivry-sur-Seine, École Jean Poulmarch in Paris 10, École in Vandœuvre lès Nancy, École Saint-Exupéry in Rabat, Marocco.

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