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Java2OWL is a Java software library for synchronising Java class hierarchies with OWL concept hierarchies. With a few extra annotations in Java class files, the Java2OWL library can automatically map Java class hierarchies to OWL ontologies. The instances of these Java classes are automatically mapped to OWL individuals and vice versa. OWL reasoners can be used as query processors to retrieve instances of OWL concepts, and these OWL individuals are mapped to corresponding instances of the Java classes. Changes of the Java object's attributes are automatically mapped to changes of the corresponding attributes of the OWL individuals, thus keeping Java and OWL synchronised. With minimal programming overhead the library allows one to combine the power of programming (in Java) with the expressivity and the reasoning power of OWL.


Hans Jürgen Ohlbach
Instutite for Informatics, University of Munich.

Download Version 1.1

Java2OWL.jar contains the compiled code of the library,
J2OSynchronizerAgent.jar contains the compiled Java agent with the synchroniser for the class loader,
Java2OWL.tgz contains the entire NetBeans project with source code, examples and documentation,
Java2OWL_doc.tgz contains the Javadoc generated files,
J2OReport.pdf a technical report as pdf file.

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