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Local Data Stream Management System (L-DSMS)

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The Local Data Stream Management System (L-DSMS) and the GeoDataServer has been developed within the REWERSE project by the members of WG A1.

L-DSMS is a general system for configuring and (locally) executing networks of processing nodes for data streams. Each such node receives data from one or several data sources, processes them in a certain way, and delivers the processed data to one or more data drains. A data drain can be the data source for the next processing node in the network, or it can be the end application in the whole processing chain. One of the components of L-DSMS is the SPEX XML filtering system. It processes XPath queries on a stream of XML data and can be used to extract interesting information from XML streams.
GeoDataServer is an application for processing dynamic geoinformation data (e.g. traffic information). The data comes from different sources (e.g. RDS-TMC capable FM receivers) and is processed in several steps and then delivered to enduser systems (e.g. graphical visualization systems).

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