Third Workshop on Rule-Based Constraint Reasoning and Programming (RCoRP'01)

December 1, 2001

Paphos, Cyprus

CP 2001/ICLP 2001 Joint Workshop

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Rule-based formalisms are ubiquitous in computer science, and even more so in constraint reasoning and programming. In constraint reasoning, algorithms are often specified using inference rules, rewrite rules, sequents, proof rules or first-order axioms written as implications. Advanced programming languages like CHR, CLAIRE and ELAN allow to implement both constraint solvers and programs using constraints in a rule-based formalism.

After the first workshop on this topic at CL2000, London and the second workshop at CP2000, Singapore, this third workshop again invites papers describing ongoing work in using rule-based formalisms in constraint reasoning and programming. In particular, on specification of algorithms for solving constraints by rules and on implementations of constraint solvers and programs solving problems in a novel way using rule-based programming languages that go beyond constraint logic programming, as well as on analysis of rule-based programs and other issues related to rule-based language design and implementation.


Submission of contribution September 9, 2001
Notification of acceptance September 20, 2001
Final versions for proceedings October 10, 2001
CP/ICLP Conference Nov 26 - Dec 1, 2001
Workshop Dec 1, 2001


To submit, send an email by clicking here, containing four consecutive ASCII lines with title, author(s), email(s) and WWW link directly to compressed postscript file (5-15 pages). Accepted papers will be available electronically from this web-page and may be published in hard-copy proceedings (available at the workshop).


Saturday, December 1

Chaotic derivations: an operational semantics for complete constraint solving
A. Lallouet, G. Ferrand, J. Arsouze

Soft Constraint Propagation and Solving in Constraint Handling Rules
S. Bistarelli, T. Frühwirth, M. Marte, F. Rossi

Inversion Strategies
N. Dershowitz, C. Kirchner

Morning Break

A Systematic Approach in Type System Design based on CHR
P. Stuckey, M. Sulzmann

From Typing Constraints to Typed Constraint Systems in CHR
E. Coquery, F. Fages

Towards Probabilistic Constraint Handling Rules
T. Frühwirth, A. Di Pierro, H. Wiklicky

Lunch Break

Extended Attributed Variables for Dynamic Constraint Solving with CHR
A. Wolf

Query Planning for Intelligent Information Integration using CHR
L. Badea, D. Tilivea

15:30 - 16:00
Afternoon Break and End of Workshop


Workshop Organizers:

  • Slim Abdennadher
    Department of Computer Science
    University of Munich

  • Thom Frühwirth

  • Department of Computer Science
    University of Munich

    Programme Committee:

    Slim Abdennadher, University of Munich
    Thom Frühwirth, University of Munich
    Eric Monfroy, University of Nantes
    Sylvain Piechowiak, University of Valenciennes
    Christophe Rigotti, LISI - INSA, Lyon
    Peter Stuckey, University of Melbourne
    Armin Wolf , GMD First, Berlin

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